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The Sexican invited to a mad sonic melting pot of ethnic and modern influences. The musical offspring is World Rock with elements of Mariachi, Gipsy and Balkan tonality. A Global fusion served with an energy that is truly contagius.


Lyrics are sharp and often with critical views on modern society and the lack of international community, while there’s room for celebration and the ‘joie de vivre’ - joy of life. The latter is especially noticeable at their explosive live-shows. It is no coincidence that ‘energy’ is the word repeated through every single live review written on the band in its merely 10 years of existence. They were known for their infectious energy on stage, which induced spontaneous chain dances among audiences.

The wide spread demand for The Sexican as a righteously sought-after live act for venues and festivals was adamant until the band discontinued as a collective in 2016. The music and legacy lives on in a new constellation by composer and frontman Mike Hecchi ·

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